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StatSync Privacy Policy

StatSync is hightly dedicated to our users' privacy. Our detailed privacy policy is as follows:


A session cookie is used to deem whether a user has logged into the system as a registered member, or if they are an anonymous non-member. On the first page view of every unique visit, a cookie will be placed on the user�s computer storing his or her session ID. This contains no personal information.

If the user opts to join StatSync, when their account is activated, a cookie will be stored on the user�s machine that contains encrypted data used for logging in.

Information Sharing/Advertising

We do not sell/provide your personal information to 3rd parties, except when required to by law, or in the event of a merger or company buyout. If one of these two situations presents itself, the affected parties will be notified as deemed appropriate.

Your MySpace ID and MySpace name are shared with other StatSync users in the event that one user visits another user�s MySpace profile.

General site demographic information is made publicly available.

External Links

This site contains links to external sites. Links are either displayed as advertising or are links to the profiles of other StatSync users. StatSync makes a good faith effort to monitor all advertising links, though we take no responsibility for the content/actions of the linked websites. Links to other users� MySpace profiles are not monitored in any form and should be visited at your own risk.

When visiting an external link, please view the privacy policy and terms on the linked site for specific information regarding privacy and general site practices.

Internal and External Communication

Users are automatically subscribed to an occasional newsletter from StatSync. Users can opt-out at any time and will never receive any form of communications from a 3rd party �associated� with StatSync.

Site Statistics

Statistical information is collected when a user views a webpage. Such raw statistical data is only available to StatSync and its immediate staff and will not be made public.

Site Security

StatSync has reasonable security measures in place to ensure that personal contact information stays private at all times. All accounts are password protected to prevent fraudulent account access.

Notification of Changes

StatSync reserves the right to adjust this privacy policy at any time. Users are advised to check frequently for such changes.

Statsync.com is not affiliated with MySpace.com or MySpace, Inc.
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